Encryption and decryption secured the Internet as we know it.
A new paradigm of cryptography is revolutionizing trust, privacy and identity.

We are building a general-purpose processor for next-gen cryptography to deliver a new base layer of compute for the Internet.

Powered by our custom silicon for the fastest,
most expressive cryptography on Earth.

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In today's digital world, we rely on countless computations and data processing tasks happening behind the scenes, from financial transactions and healthcare to AI and large language models, and even in the systems that control our infrastructure and utilities. As these systems become more complex and interconnected, it's increasingly important to ensure that the computations being performed are accurate, tamper-proof, and transparent.

This is where verifiable compute comes in. Verifiable computing goes beyond securing data to securing and validating the computation process itself. It allows for computations to be performed on encrypted data without revealing the underlying information to the party performing the computation -- transforming every industry that touches trust, from finance and AI to healthcare and blockchain.


VPUTM 8060

ZXTM 100

The Fabric Verifiable Processing Unit (VPU) is the world’s first massively parallel processor for cryptography. The VPU's cryptography-native instruction set can run a wide range of cryptography workloads, including zero knowledge proofs (ZKP), and fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), much like a GPU facilitates a wide range of graphics and AI applications.

The Fabric ZX 100 server, our inaugural server product, has garnered over $60 million in customer pre-orders and will enter mass production in 2024.  The Fabric VPU 8060, our PCIe card offering, will also be available in 2024 for development partners and researchers to accelerate their projects and research on the VPU.


“The playing field for cryptography looks a lot like AI in the 2010s. Evolving fast, algorithms constantly changing in form and function. We get to have better and better AI because of one thing: the GPU. Because NVIDIA had the vision to make a general purpose processor that now generations of graphics and AI algorithms have run and evolved on.

We share that vision for cryptography – powerful general purpose acceleration of its fundamental building blocks. A blank canvas for accelerated research and blazing fast applications for web3 and beyond. Towards a more trustworthy world with secure, private computation at its core.”

– Michael Gao, Co-Founder & CEO

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