We’re a team of AI supercomputing veterans and crypto natives building a new kind of processor for the next generation of cryptography. Our vision is a more trustworthy world that has secure, private computation at its core.

Michael Gao

Co-Founder & CEO

" Every chip is a little shard of the future - printed a billion times."

  • Co-founder and Chief Architect & Strategy Officer at Luminous, a photonic AI supercomputer startup backed by Bill Gates that raised $120+ million. Holds 6 US patents in photonics and digital design.

  • MIT dropout. Scaled mining operations to 1% of the BTC network hashrate from his high school dorm room in 2013. USA Math Olympiad winner and USA Computing Olympiad finalist.

David Garrett, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

" I build chips."

  • Chief Architect and SVP Engineering at Syntiant. Delivered three generations of Syntiant’s Neural Decision Processor (NDP), an ultra low power AI chip. Built a team of 65 engineers and shipped 20 million chips. Watch Syntiant's 1-milliwatt chip play Doom.

  • IEEE fellow and EE PhD from UVa. Bell Labs. Distinguished Engineer at Broadcom, where he built beam-forming architectures for WiFi used in 1+ billion devices. Holds 100+ US patents.

Tina Ju

Co-Founder & CSO

" Reality is nothing but a collective hunch. "

  • Co-inventor of the first monoclonal antibody therapy for MERS-CoV at the National Institutes of Health. BioE at Stanford. Started the first bio-hacker space at a university.

  • Dropped out to study creation myths and ontologies across cultures. Started a quant fund. Got into hardware through Bitcoin mining. Strategy is predicated upon perception.

Sagar Reddy

C0-Founder & VP Silicon

" The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds."

  • Co-founder and CTO of DXCorr, a leading backend chip design firm of 200+ engineers. 23+ years of technical leadership in full-custom chip design and systems architecture.

  • Built the first standard cell libraries for new process nodes for a number of foundries. Designed hundreds of full-custom IP blocks down to 3nm and completed 60+ full chip tape-outs for the world’s largest semiconductor companies, such as Intel, Samsung, and GlobalFoundries.

  • Holds patents in memory design and energy optimization techniques.

Gilbert Hendry, PhD

VP Software

"The architecture of a codebase inevitably mirrors the structure of the team that creates it. Incidentally, our compiler will be made of pizza."

  • VP Software of Lightelligence, a photonic AI hardware startup. Specialized in software-hardware co-design. Built their compiler team from the ground up.

  • Computer Architect at Meta. Scaled deployment of machine learning algorithms on Google TensorFlow. Managed ML projects for Azure Cloud at Microsoft. PhD in EE and Photonics from Columbia.

Thomas De Cnudde, PhD

Cryptography Lead

"Privacy for the weak, transparency for the powerful."

  • Cryptography hardware engineer with 8+ years experience in implementing and accelerating both classic and next-gen cryptography. After a stint at Entrepreneur First, managed the hardware team at Zama, which included creating end-to-end FPGA emulations for their FHE schemes.

  • MSc in EE and AI, PhD in Cryptography Engineering from KULeuven’s COSIC research group.

Where we COME from


We’re hackers, builders, creators, and most importantly - shippers. Our team holds heritage from building and shipping the world’s first 64-bit CPU to the beam-forming architectures that power the world’s WiFi to the lowest power AI processor in the world. We have a core culture of excellence and execution, with a seasoned team from some of the top institutions in hardware, software and cryptography.

We’re building the VPU not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. Because challenges allow us to be our most creative. And because it’s fun to tackle complex problems with an awesome team around you.

PhDs held


US patents held


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