Experience unparalleled performance with the FC1000 chip, Fabric’s flagship chip with our foundational VPU architecture and instruction set for next-gen cryptography workloads.

Key Features
  • Custom instruction set architecture designed for next-gen cryptography, including ZKP, FHE, MPC, and other algorithms

  • Accelerates MSM, NTT, polynomial evaluation

  • Accelerates Poseidon(1/2), Blake, and other hash functions

  • Native support for multiprecision vector lanes (up to 384-bit)

  • RISC-V core for maximum programmability

  • Supports up to PCIe 4.0 x16 lanes (256 Gbps) per chip

  • Equipped with high bandwidth DRAM

VPU 8060



Embrace the future of ZK and FHE with the VPU 8060 accelerator card.

Key Features
  • Full length PCIe card form factor

  • 3x FC 100 chips for massively parallel ZK proof generation

  • PCIe interface for end-to-end, circuit-to-result on-chip proving and encryption

  • DRAM for recursive ZK proof generation and mining workloads

ZX 100



Our rack-mounted ZX 100 server system comes with the densest available general-purpose cryptography computing power in the world.

Key Features
  • 4U - 19’ form factor for easy deployability

  • CPU socket configurable from Intel Celeron to Xeon CPU

  • Advanced cooling system for maximum airflow

  • Custom form factor solution available

ZX 100



For the largest cryptography workloads and most intensive computational demands, the ZX 100 Fleet Data Center, configurable up to thousands of racks of multiple ZX 100 servers each, offers unparalleled performance and scalability, ensuring your infrastructure is future-proof and capable of running both today’s and tomorrow’s cryptography workloads.

Key Features
  • Multiple ZX-100 Servers Per Rack

  • High Speed Network Switch

  • Onboard Power Distribution

  • Modular Scalability

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The first generation of the VPU series is all about ZKP — the first advanced cryptography to see mainstream adoption. ZKP answers the blockchain trilemma by giving Ethereum L2s and ZK L1s scalability, privacy and decentralization. But the need to verify information without revealing it extends far beyond blockchain into domains such as banking, regulation and sovereign identity.


The VPU participates in a ZK network by supporting its most compute-intensive task — proof generation. When the network receives a transaction, it asks its decentralized network of provers (operating a VPU or a GPU) to generate the ZK proof for it. The transaction is final once the proof is validated and the VPU prover will receive a portion of the gas fee. Because of the VPU’s programmability, it can handle the proving end-to-end, including witness generation, and accelerate tasks that are not parallelizable on the GPU, such as polynomial evaluation.


Because it supports every production-grade ZK proof system, the VPU architecture is usable for Aleo PoSW mining, Filecoin sealing using Groth16 and Poseidon Merkle trees, and generating rollup proofs. Whether you’re a miner looking to generate predictable returns or a L2 rollup looking to lower the latency and cost of your existing proving system or to decentralize your proving by offering a low barrier-to-entry proof accelerator to your ecosystem, Fabric’s VPU can help!